A foldable, lightweight, rear-facing seat AND high backed booster….

… is your jaw also as wide as ours was when we heard of the TInySeats 2 seat?

You have not read wrong. We are VERY excited to bring to you, the TinySeats 2 car seat. It is an R129 legislated seat that can be used from 61cm onwards. This is approximately 3 – 4 months old. It has the capability to remain rear facing up to 23kg and/or 125cm – which can be a 7 year old. But… it doesn’t end there. TinySeats have taken it to a whole new level – it then becomes a high backed booster until 135cm!

You heard it here first – finally a seat you can fold away and take on holiday. As long as your vehicle has isofix, you’ll be good to go. It doesn’t stop there either: not only is it foldable, it weighs just 10kg – which is often the same as a 6-12 month old. Being lightweight will be super handy for luggage restrictions, and for transport to carry through the airport. The dimensions mean it could fit into many holdall type bags, as the TinySeats 2 seat measures just 43x51x28 cm (W x D x H).

Being lightweight won’t just save you costs in luggage, or from a bad back carrying it, it also makes a lighter print on our planet. Fewer materials are used to make the TinySeats 2 car seat, saving on resources. Being that this seat can see a child from 3 months (approx) to 10 years old (approx), it means you can save from going through three other seats at each stage and instead go for one! This extends even fuuuuurther… yep, we aren’t done yet! The TinySeats 2 car seat takes up a third of the space other seats need during transportation across the world. The environmental benefits continue, so you really can rest assured knowing this is a good purchase.

Kindly note, whilst we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this seat, we would still recommend the use of a high backed booster to 150cm. The TinySeats 2 is a brilliant solution to so many scenarious, but it not likely to be the only seat you would ever need, from start to finish. If travelling regularly, this IS the seat for you. If using taxi’s regularly and needing to store the seat in your house, this one is it. Social workers and other caregivers of children – this is a great option for your cars for multiple ages of children. Grandad’s boot, for when his bowling buddies need a lift, in the TinySeat 2 goes!

For a seat that genuinely fits from birth to 7 years, is Swedish Plus Tested and will be your daily seat, we hands down recommend the Axkid One2+. Even lighter than the TinySeats 2, and with a much faster 10 second installation, the One2+ is our all time favourite, and safest option – it just doesn’t fold up! Our recommendations for a high backed boosters to go to 150cm are the Axkid Nextkid and the Kidfix I-size. Have questions? Give us a call on 01332 345041. Want to see the seats and try before you buy? Book in today!

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