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Midlands Car Seat Centre is the sister company to Cariad Babi. The Cariad Babi team is a made up of a group of parents that come with a passion to fund support through the enjoyment of retailing ethical products. We combine over a decade of experience of working with parents with our training and passion, to bring support that you can trust, parent to parent.

From ethical shopping, to sling consultations to helping parents back into employment, we give everything we have to create change for those who need it most. We are volunteers, never led by sales or commission. Our sole intention is to empower you with information to be fully informed with your decisions.

F.A.Q & Contact Information

Our Services

What can I expect during the appointment?

From the information you give on the form, we check the compatibility of all seats so that the search is narrowed down for you. We offer:

  • a child friendly space with toys to play
  • explain the safety differences between legal, and safEST
  • discuss the features of the seats suitable
  • you can try your child in the seats
  • have the seat fit checked in your vehicle
Is there parking?

There is pay and display parking immediately outside the store, and an NCP car park just opposite us (please note the car park is unavailable to the public on Saturdays).

Do you have the seats in stock?

We have a constant roatating stock with regular deliveries. We usually have the seats in stock for immediate purchase but occasionally may need to order in if you require a specific colour for example.

Do you fit the seats?

If you did choose to buy from us, we complimentary fit all seats and teach you how to do it too.

Should I bring my child?

You can if you want to check their fit in the seat. If your child hasn’t arrived yet (pregnancy/adoption/fostering etc) you may return with the seat later for us to check the harness/headrest position.

You are also most welcome to come alone if you wish.

Can my friend come too?

You may bring anyone you wish to the appointment. However, we cannot cater for another person for car seat enquiries during your appointment. Should they wish to try seats themselves, they will need to book an appointment separately.

Can we test in more than two vehicles?

Our appointments are 45 minutes long. In order to fit check in more than two vehicles (such as for grandparents), you may need to add the ‘fit check’ only option to allow more time. This is also the case if additional caregivers need to consider different seats than yourself.

I can't make my appointment

Bookings are non refundable. We can reschedule to another date for you, just call to let us know you can’t make it and then again when you’re ready to rebook.

Our Products

Why only rear facing?

The car seats we choose to retail are developed based on the philosophy that children and their families should be able to travel and move in the safest possible manner. Many studies based on actual car accidents, show that the risk of death or serious injury in a collision increases about 5 times for children who travel in forward-facing car seats, compared to children traveling in rear-facing car seats.

What age does rear facing go to?

At Midlands Car Seat Centre, we recommend for children to travel in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible. In most cases this up to 25 kg (soon to be 36kg with one particular seat) and preferably up to 7 years of age. Until the child has passed the maximum weight limit of the car seat or when the child’s head is up by a third above the edge of the headrest (roughly at the height of the child’s eyes) they should remain rear facing. Since all children grow in different ways, it’s difficult to offer an exact age for when it’s time to turn forwards. If it could be possible, even adults would travel rear-facing, as evidence shows it is safer for us too. A rear-facing car seat reduces children’s injuries by up to 90 percent.

Read this blog to see how the head and vertebrae develop, which are some of the biggest reasons we recommend to use rear-facing car seats as long as possible.

Why is it legal to foward face earlier?

It’s a good question, and one that are fighting to create a change in laws for. Read this blog about Erin, who followed the law and lost two of her three children in an accident. Our laws aren’t good enough. In Sweden it is common practice to rear face to a minimum of 4 years old and they have nearly NO fatalities of children.

Are multistage seats safe?

Multistage seats are legal. When it comes to independent testing, the consensus amongst multistage seats is that they pass less well in their independent stages. That is, a group 0-3 may pass fine in stage 1, poorly in stage 2, and fine in stage 3, but still be marketed as being a good choice. Now, we aren’t saying they’re unsafe, but there are LOTS of safer choices. Multistage seats will not rear face beyond 18kg, often recommend harnessing until 25kg (read this blog on harnessing in a forward facing seat) and most likely will need far more space than other seats.

The most cost effective way to travel safest of all, is to have a designated infant carrier, followed by a 25kg erf seat, then a high back booster to 150cm. Alternatively there is only one seat we do recommend from birth: the axkid one+, due to it’s excellent positioning from birth.

Is shipping available for online purchases?

We don’t currently ship our seats. There are two reasons for this:

  1.  We want to ensure the exact condition of your seat is of a high standard when it becomes yours.
  2. We are passionate to offer you as much as we can in terms of service, and strongly believe there is great value in being taught by us, on how to fit your seat. We aren’t trying to make a quick penny, we are here to help make your journey smoother.
What are the R44, R129, and I-size regulations?

In quick terms, R44 is an outdated regulation based on weight. R129 is the new regulation based on height. Currently seats are available with either regulation and R44 seats will remain to be safe if you have recently bought one. I-size is a standardised set of conditions for vehicles and seats designed to make it easier to fit seats. An I-size seat and an I-size vehicle will be compatible with each other. I-size was the first criteria to meet the new R129 regulation, and more recently belted seats are now being manufactured to the R129 standard.

Are all UK seats safe if they are sold?

All seats sold in the UK have to have passed the baseline UK laws. Unfortunately, the criteria to pass these laws is far lower than we know to be safest. There is a large difference between legal, and safest.

At Midland Car Seat Centre, we choose our brands carefully. The seats we stock are tested to a higher standard than the UK laws. Some of our seats are independently tested through ADAC, and others have passed the toughest test – Swedish Plus Test. 

Read our blog about these tests to feel fully informed in your decision.

I didn't buy my seat from you, can you fit it?

If you have a seat that we stock, and you would like it fit checked by us, you can book in here to do so: Book me in!

If it is not a seat we stock, please contact us and we may be able to assist, or refer you to another retailer who is better suited.

My Orders

What is a back order?

When ordering online, if you see a message that says ‘available on back order’, it means we have it on order, due to be delivered to us soon. With the recent changes in Brexit and the added pressure of Covid, we have been experiencing some delays and thank you very much for your patience. We will arrange for your seat to be fitted ASAP.

I live far away, can you deliver?

Please see above “ss shipping available for online purchases”. If you still would like to discuss a discretionary offer to post, please do email us at and we will do our best to accomdoate your needs.

Where do I collect my order from?

We are waiting on the completion of our brand new store, coming very soon! Meanwhile, you can collect your seat from:

The PoD

18 Liversage Street, DE1 2LH.

This is our store also, and the same staff can be seen here too.

I don't want my seat fitting, can I just collect it?

Absolutely. You are welcome to return in the future to have it fit (subject to a small charge). We cannot accept any responsibility for a seat not fit by us.

I've had an accident, what should I do?

In nearly all cases, this will require a replacement seat. Speak to your insurance and check the policy for the value your insurance will pay towards your new seat. Please note, if your insurer is insisting on Halfords vouchers but this was not written into your policy, you have a right to refuse.

If you have lost your proof of purchase from us, please contact us to have a copy sent to you via email. We can assist you with a replacement seat.

My Account

Do I have to create an account?

You are more than welcome to checkout as a guest.

Do you have any discounts for NHS/multiples?

Yes we do. Please contact us for a discretionary offer on 07368450874.

Do you price match?

We will do our best. As we are non profit, price matching means taking the funds directly out of the support funding for families. Prices are set by the manufacturers and as retailers, we are asked to adhere to them in order to keep things fair. Sadly not all retailers follow this and some keep sales prices beyond what we are asked as retailers to do. As an ethical company, and a non profit one, we believe in following the prices set by our brands. We truly believe there is great value in our service and the extra cost will be absolutely worth shopping with us.

What data is stored?

Please see our privacy policy here.

Store Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 4pm 

Wednesdays: 10am – 2pm

Sunday: 11am – 3pm

Mondays: CLOSED

Please see our social media for short notice and seasonal holiday closures.

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General: (01332) 345041

Out of hours: 07368450874


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