Britax Maxway


Extended rear facing to 25kg

  • Compact fit for smaller vehicles
  • Quick remove covers
  • Recline positions

Weight: 7kg, Dimensions (H x W x D): 64 x 45 x 64cm

The Maxway enables extended rearward facing from 9kg to 25kg.The multi-position recline and adjustable harness allows you to adapt the seat to the changing needs of your growing child, with the added comfort of the wider headrest and soft padding. The compact shell is the most popular feature of this seat, allowing extended rear facing in even the smallest of vehicles.

Rearward facing car seats offer the best protection in the event of a frontal collision (statistically the most common type of accident). When rear facing, the forces are directed to the back of the seat, while the remaining energy is spread evenly across the head, neck and upper body of the child. When forward facing, these forces are distributed very differently and pose much larger risks to the spinal cord and body.

The Maxway is a belted installation using the cars 3 point harness. This is particularly handy for cars that do not have isofix. Coupled with tethers and a support leg, you can rest assured that this seat offers the maximum safety for your child.

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